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Neuron Air VA Aircraft


At this moment Neuron Air VA has three types of virtual passenger aircraft which is a virtual Boeing 737-300, SAAB 340 and Airbus A320.

All the aircrafts are painted by our Aircraft Painter, Peter Horner (Neuron-005).

In order to use the aircrafts, you must first download and install the Microsoft Flight Converter and Alain Capt's Panel. Both of it can be found in the download section. After that you may proceed to download the aircraft files. To install the aircraft files, simply unzip it into the aircraft folder in the FS directory. Refer to readme.txt for more information.

Thank You to all aircraft designers, painter and panel designer.

Neuron Air VA Saab 340

Neuron Air VA Boeing 737-300


Neuron Air VA Airbus A320