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- chat room -

Spend some time chatting with  Nicol
David fans from all over the world.

To join the Java Chat, you only need a Java
compatible browser (Netscape 3.0+, IE 3.0+)


                             Dear Visitor,

         Please read this instructions before you enter the chat room.

 Loading this Java Applet can take some time.  You should
reach the channel/room automatically . Strictly NO nuking
allowed. You cannot use any IRC style command such as
/nick in this chat room. Mind your words when you are in the
chat room because there might be kids below 12
in this chat room. Please choose a good nick name. Some
nick name are registered. Try to choose an unregistered nick.


The Official Chatting Time
10 45 PM
every saturday night
(malaysian time)


click "enter" to join chat room

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