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Thank You

Hi! :) !

    I want to make this as short as possible. I know no one will read this . 
Alhamdulillah, I'm proud to be the  first Malaysian to have a page about 
Nicol David. It has been almost 3 years since  I first design this simple web page. 

    Thank you Omar, Amir, Bizzarro, Liza, The Edge, Syad, 5A students, MPSA tennis players 
and all my friends.Special thanx to Nicol David for being such a talented girl!!.
Last but not  least, this page is specially dedicated to a special girl to me, Baby.  

    To The_Edge, Kuertrazu & Wern May, thanx for linking your page to mine. To all Malaysians,

please show support to this page. 

    Finally thank you to anyone who knows me either through IRC or real world. 
Thank you very much. :) Terima Kasih!
-Azuan a.k.a Chase-

Terima    Kasih

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