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Download Section


In order to be a Neuron Air VA pilot, you have to download a few files to make your flying experience more enjoyable. There are three different types of files which is aircraft, scenery and utilities. The aircrafts and panel are compulsory for every pilot to download and install while others are optional. Installation guide is provided in every zip file (readme.txt). If you have any problem, visit this website If you still have problems, e-mail me.

Aircraft / Panel / GPS

In order to use Neuron Air VA aircraft, you have to download a few files. 

After installing both files above, you may easily use all our aircrafts :


Coming Soon. 


1)  Flight Simulator 98 Converter - Compulsory! You probably need this for the aircrafts.

2) FS Navigator - Highly Recommended. Include GPS, Estimated Time Arrival, Flight plan and many more!

3) Blue Sky v2.11 - Change the sky color from purple to blue for FS 98 users.

Take note that all the scenery files are freeware. Please read the copyright statement in the zip file. I'm only using it for the use of Neuron Air VA and has nothing to do with making any kind of profit. However if the author think that I'm violating their copyright please e-mail me as soon as possible. Thank you guys for all the great FS files!

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