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Web Page Members


What is this?

This is the section where you can contribute to the web page. Be a

registered member and you will receive free newsletter, information,

updates, meet new friends, wish Nicol good luck and many more.

I will try to conduct more activities involving members such as

organizing trips to see Nicol in action and also An Annual Gathering.


How To Join?

It's simple, easy and free! All you have to do is click the link

below and you will see a form. Fill in the form and submit it to me.

I'll need around 1 week to process the form and i'll notify you for

any updates.


Is this an official Nicol David Club?

NO!! Please take note that this is NOT an official Fan Club. It is

just like a group of people who have the same interest. There will be

activities conducted but still it's not an official fan club!


First Activity?

Since Nicol is taking her SPM exam this year, so i decided

to design an online good luck card for Nicol. So I'm inviting

all her registered fans to wish her good luck. Send your messages

through the registration form below. Do it Now!! 


Any rules?

Ok, here are the rules. Firstly please be polite when you're

interacting with other fans. We are all human. So no swearing words,

dirty words and remember there are kids around us. And please keep in

mind this is not an official club. This is the closest i managed to

get to.


I agree with the rules , Let me See The Form

I Disagree