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Currently we are fixing the problems regarding our website and Tripod Server. We have been told that our website is violating the Tripod rules. However all the Hub Operation remains active. All recruitments will be put on hold until a new website is active. Currently i'm working out with Tripod to solve this problem

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London Gatwick, UK            Miami Intl,Florida, US

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For Immediate Release - 20 March 2001

London Gatwick - Neuron Air VA received a major set back today when their website were shut down by tripod. The airline website was removed from the server early 18th March 2001. Hundreds of visitors failed to visit the website for the last 2 days. 

Neuron Air VA CEO, Azuan A Zahdi announced that the airline has sent an e-mail to Tripod about this problem. "We have no idea why our site has been removed. However early investigations show that the reason could be because of the redirecting service that remove the Tripod Server banner." 

Despite the removal of the main site, the hubs website including the Miami Hub which started operation yesterday, were still operating as usual. Pilots are advised to visit straight to their hub website or clicking at

Azuan Ahmad Zahdi
Neuron Air VA

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