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Neuron Air VA Stats (28/01/01)

Number of Pilots/Staffs : 11 

Number of Aircrafts : 5 ( 1 A320, 2 B737-300 and 2 Saab 340)

Number of Flights : 37

On-Time Flights :  36

Cancelled Flights :  0

Delayed Flights : 1

Crash : 0


Gatwick - Neuron Air VA announce a successful first two weeks of operation.  The CEO of Neuron Air VA told the media that despite having only  11 pilots in the team, the airline managed to deliver all 37 flights as schedule. "We are very happy with our performance and right now Neuron Air VA is focussing towards attracting more pilots to join us.".

In other news, Neuron Air VA's CEO has made the decision not to sell the VA to any company. Last week Neuron Air VA received 2 offers of airlines takeover. The reason given by the airline is that it's still too early for a such thing to happen. " I'm very pleased with the offer, unfortunately there are too many disadvantages for the airline. It's also too early for a takeover to happens". Azuan told the press.

This week will be a rest/special activity week for Neuron Air staff.


First week of operation for Neuron Air VA went smoothly. Only two assignments were not tkaen by any pilot. This is due to the small amount of pilot. Right now i'm concentrating on promoting our VA and inviting new pilots. My target is to have 3 new pilot every week. It is not an easy job since there are more than 400 VA's out there but i'm sure we can do it. I'm looking for a volunteer to be the Promotion manager to work with me in promoting work. E-mail me to apply. I would also like to announce that Neuron Air VA will only operates 3 weeks in a month. After every 2 weeks of assignment, pilots will have 1 week to rest and do other Neuron Air activities and also bidding for next assignment. :) That's all for now. Keep flying!  


First day of operation! Neuron Air VA begins it's operation today with a special flight from London City to Gatwick. With 7 pilots and staff in the family, Neuron Air VA is now ready to take the challenge to survive in a tough virtual aviation world. We are now looking for more pilots and trying to add more assignments in the schedule. See you at the end of the week for our FIRST weekly f;light report! Happy Flying! 


Neuron Air VA today received the first A320 aircraft. The aircraft will be used to cover the middle range destinations. Tommorow the flight schedule will be out and pilots will begin to bid for their assignments.   


Neuron Air VA will begin operating on 15/01/2001. Our painter and airline advisor, Peter Horner has just finished painting of two of our aircrafts which is virtual Boeing 737-300 and Saab 340. An A320 airbus is scheduled to arrive just before we begin our operation. Neuron Air VA also announce that they will be working with HornAir VA for chartered and test flight aircraft. More news next week! See you on our first week of operation!


Neuron Air VA is in the final stage of preparation before the start of operation on the 15th January 2001. Chief Pilot, Dave Willis is busy testing all the routes while others busy designing and promoting the web page of Neuron Air VA. The Neuron Air VA CEO also announced that the airline will be using the default Microsoft Flight Simulator Learjet-45 while waiting for the arrival of our own Boeing 737. Check out this section for more news from time to time.

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