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29/01/01 - 04/02/01

Special Assignment (week 1)

Smile :) It's photo time! This week all pilots are requested to take pictures of Neuron Air VA aircraft.  Be creative and use your imagination. You can use either the spot view or the tower view. Take as many pictures as you like. Bring the aircraft to interesting places and sceneries around the world and snap pictures with the aircraft. I've seen other VA taking aircraft with the pyramids. We can do the same! 

After snapping all the pictures send your best photo/s (maximum 3) to my e-mail at . The best 3  photos will win free 2 hours of flying time added to your roster. The best photo will be posted at the front page. 

One good question is "How should i snap the pictures?" Here's a method. Just press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. and then paste it in any picture editor (e.g. : Microsoft Paint). Save it in JPEG format, attach it to your e-mail and then submit it to me.

Well the dateline is on the 04/02/01. So get your aircraft ready and start snapping! :)

The reason i introduce the special assignment week is to add something different to our VA. Besides flying schedule flights, Neuron Air VA would like to add fun into our wonderful hobby, Flying!