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SPM 2000 - Nicol Boleh!



            Nicol David Fan Page would like to wish all the best to Nicol for the SPM Examination.

We're confident you'll pass with flying colors!

Nicol Boleh!!


days 'til the start of SPM 2000.

Good Luck Dedication From Your Fans

                            Azuan : Nicol, Good Luck! You can Do It!

                  Chase : Nicol, SPM is one easy stuff! You sure can do it!

                           Ricky : SPM?? It's piece of cake :) You can do it!

                           John : Both Squash and SPM are important!. So do well!

                          Daniel : Concentrate more on books! You're going to get it!!

                          Angie : Don't let us down! Do well both study and squash!

                          Matthew Wong Kee Hing : You are an inspiration to all junior squash players in Malaysia and the whole wide world. Keep up the good work both on the squash courts and classroom.You have proven that nothing is impossible. So study hard and study smart and most importantly, do your best. We can;t ask for more than that. Malaysia Boleh! Nicol David Boleh! All the best and warmest regards from all of us in Tawau.

           Nor Shahireen : SPM is a nightmare Nicol!Prepare well for the exams ok. We'll pray for your success.

Azima : Good Luck!!

Tony Maher : I wish you all the best, and hope to see you back in Europe soon.

Nicol Foo :  SPM. I Beleive It Is NO BIG DEAL For U. Best Of LucK IN UR Studies AND UR Tournaments.

Vince Low : You can do it ,because you are the best !!!!

Lydianna Iliyas : I wish,good luck to your SPM Y2K. study hard
for your SPM this year Y2K.

Grace Ai : Well....SPM compared with all your tournaments,is nothing!You can do it,and I just know that you can!You're Nicol David..and everything is possible with you!

Nur Qhurratul Ainn   : G00d Luck AND Do YoUr BeST iN YoUr SPM!!!
                     AnD aLso In YouR sqUAsH!!!

                   sheilla : i'm greatly sure you can do it..... try your very best and don't forget to pray... His bless will be with you together in squash and your SPM

Aun Chin Hui :  Good luck and try your best for the SPM

Paul Yeoh :  HopE You WilL GeT StrikE A!GOOD LUCK!

Sunita   Feroz :  I WouLD LikE TO wISH YoU AlL ThE bEST AnD WilL AcHiEVe ReSuLtS WiTh FLYING COLOURS!!! AnD sTUdY HaRDe You WilL GeT StrikE A!good lUCk!

Ahmad  Baqi  Yahaya : Good luck!

Angelina, Andy & Adrian Yoon:
Good luck for your SPM

Yong Yeung Khnang    : Nicol you must try to work doubly hard in order to obtain flying colours in your SPM exam.

Martina Mohamad : : study hard nicol wish u good luck for ur exam and
stay cool with ur game!!!

Reena Mohd Nooh : Ur my inspiration in squash.....I start playin' this early's kinda cool!So....I wish ya' luck 4 this SPM.....I'm always gonna pray 4 ur success every each night & day....lurve ya'!!!

Baidruel Hairiel : I wish you luck in SPM Y2K!!!
Be the best and prepared well for the forthcoming British Junior Open!!!!

                    Hafiza  : gOod lUck tO yOu NIcoL fOr yOur sPm y2K!!.....aLL thE beSt foR yOU.doNt lEt uS dOwn..           .fOReVEr sQuasH bAby!!!kEep It uP nIcoL!!

Eason Tan  : I miss you very much! :

Amani Akmar : I believe u can do it, y not! the best...for all....!


Nicholas : hey nicol,
im having my spm this year to its nice to know that i ain't alone hehe any way good luck in your spm and for all that lies ahead....

Angie Voon-g : wishing u all the best!just like Nike..just do it !!!u can get a great result cos' u deserve it!!!

 Damian Gerard : Congraculation ! good luck for your SPM soon.


More message dediation later this week!!

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